Attracting Yoga podcast – Yoga Nidra

I’ve been slacking on audio posts to the website..
For this weeks episode I will be guiding you through a Yoga Nidra practice. Some refer to yoga nidra as sleeping yoga. In this practice I will guide you in a deep relaxation – helpful with Stress and anxiety relief, also known to help with chronic fatigue. For this practice it is essential for you to find a comfortable and quiet space. Download Attracting Yoga on iTunes and Spotify to listen weekly.

Yogatherapy – Restorative

Welcome to this weeks practice from Attracting Yoga. This week we will be doing a yogatherapy session. A few years ago I took a yogatherapy teacher training at one of my local studios, and it was absolutely life changing. It helped harness my focus and lower my anxiety. I hope you enjoy todays practice. I hope to post more yogatherapy practices in the future, if they are well received. So to begin find yourself a quiet space to place your mat and lets begin. Namaste.